Pho Today…and tomorrow…and the next day

If you have read my previous blog posts, you will have likely seen my post on Bowl of Pho. If you haven’t read it, let’s just say, it was one of the worst experiences I’ve had in a while at a restaurant. When DJ Snugglemonster suggested we get pho again, I was a bit hesitant. But Pho Today is just around the corner from our place, and we didn’t want to cook, so I was up for giving it another try.

We went on a Wednesday and, well, it was dead in there. However, we were greeted right away by a super nice waitress and sat in a comfortable booth. Although you can tell the interior is a bit old, the tables are clean and neat. The waitress helped us navigate the menu, and left us to choose. The menu has much more than just pho – they have three or more other types of soup, rice options, and your standard appetizers. Everything looks pretty appetizing, but we were there for pho, darn it.I ordered the rare beef and beef ball pho. Yes, saying “beef ball” is fun and I’ll giggle like a five year old boy every time. But, its basically their version of a meatball and is relatively common in pho offerings. I asked for no cilantro in my pho, since I’m one of the rare people that has the alleged gene that makes it taste like soap. Our waitress assured us that it wouldn’t be a problem at all (something I was worried about asking for), and quickly put our order in. I ordered the small and DJSM ordered the medium, and I was definitely not expecting to finish all of mine. As is custom, she brought out what I call “the fixins tray,” which includes bean sprouts, jalapeno, basil, culantro, and limes. It all looked fresh, which is also something you don’t always see. On the table were already the standard condiments of hoisin (asian BBQ sauce), soy sauce, chili pastes, etc.

Our bowls of pho came out probably five minutes after we ordered, but then again, it really shouldn’t take much longer than that anyway. My food was exactly as I ordered it (no cilantro), and had a considerable amount of food for a small bowl.The beef was beyond tender and the broth was addictive! I probably would not order the beef balls again, as the size was a bit too large and it needed a bit more seasoning, but the rest was amazing. And when people tell you that pho is basically the Asian equivalent of chicken noodle soup, they’re right. It’s warming, filling, healthy, and comforting. If you have a cold, are super hungry, or just feel like eating healthy, you should absolutely try pho. And if you’re going to try pho, try it at PHO TODAY. Service was excellent, the food was delicious and flavorful. I’ll definitely be back!


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