Biscotti’s in Avondale seems to make every foodie list in Jacksonville. And, honestly, for good reason. It’s a very relaxed place, has great food, and has great coffee/desserts. You could pretty much spend all day there and be one happy camper. DJ Snugglemonster is NOT a dessert guy (I question his sanity some days), but it was my birthday and we could go anywhere I wanted. So, I naturally chose Biscotti’s (hello birthday cake) and required DJSM to also eat dessert with me.

Definitely make reservations if you are headed here during Friday/weekends. But weeknights you should be able to find a table with little to no wait. When I came here the first time, I got the pork chops – which blew my mind. Pork chops with apple butter sauce (a classic crazy good combination) and mac and cheese (who is not a sucker for mac and cheese) and green beans (for the “healthy” factor to make your mom satisfied you’re eating your vegetables). It was amazing. Their pizzas, surprisingly, are also next level. The smell and sight of them as they head to another table who’s ordered them is such a tease.

So when we ordered for my birthday dinner, I thought I was sure to be satisfied no matter what. Unfortunately, Biscotti’s let me down this time. I ordered their cavatappi pasta with meat cream sauce. A place with an Italian name can’t screw that up, right? Well, not so much. The dish lacked any seasoning whatsoever. Even adding salt and pepper at my table failed to remedy the problem. It was obvious they hadn’t salted their pasta while it cooked and the meat sauce also didn’t get any love. The meat sauce was skimpy (barely enough to coat my pasta) and lacked in flavor – more cream, more cheese…it needed a makeover immediately. When people say that something tasted like cardboard, this is what they had in mind (although it wasn’t as bad as cardboard, texture wise).

DJSM will order, I kid you not, the same thing every time he goes somewhere. So his standby at Biscotti’s is the Beef Medallions. So you see a meat and potatoes dish on the menu and you expect something hearty. This dish definitely doesn’t disappoint on that front. But the main star is not the steak here, but the mashed potatoes. They are buttery, silky, and mouth watering. The garlic, far from being too spicy, adds just the right undertone to the butter. Who could say no to a complex, equally silky demi glace either? Definitely something you should consider.

Let’s be honest, though, it was my birthday. And birthdays are all about desserts. Biscotti’s has at least 10 cakes/pies to choose from at all times – all made in house, all made with love. And calorie counters should probably not enter the building. People come here just for the desserts, I swear. While it was hard to choose, we chose the OREO Mousse Pie. While we were both beyond stuffed, I always have room for sweets. This slice was large (although another table’s was even huger, so we were thankful we didn’t get their slice) and hit all the right notes. It was light and creamy, with just the right amount of sweetness. I likened it to a MUCH better version of the Hershey’s Pie at Burger King (hey, I know its not in the same class, but I have fond memories of BK’s HP). I was surprised that we were able to finish it, but we’re champions. We never quit.

Biscotti’s is definitely a must-eat when you are in Jacksonville. Just make sure you don’t get the cavatappi – at least not until they fix their recipe.


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