Copeland’s Louisiana Dissapointment

Since my opportunity to volunteer one spring break in New Orleans, I have fallen in love with the city, the state, the people, and, of course, the food. When I passed by Copeland’s near my house, I couldn’t wait to try what was offered as a true New Orleans experience. Unfortunately, Copeland’s fell far short of a true New Orleans experience or delicious food.

If you’ve ever driven by Copeland’s, you will notice that Copeland’s always appears busy. And the night I went was no exception. Although there were people waiting for seats when we arrived, somehow we were seated right away. The atmosphere was both noisy and dark, lit only by pink lights throughout the dining room.

Our server appeared quickly and took our orders, but then we rarely saw her. That is, until we began eating, at which point, she harassed us several times while we were trying to eat. During the harassment, however, it went unnoticed that our water remained empty. I did notice several other waiters, however. At one point, one set a dish that was being sent back to the kitchen right next to my head on the back of the booth I was sitting in – entirely unappetizing. I noticed another waiter cough into the food he was carrying to a patron.

We ordered the Spicy Crawfish Cheese Fries as an appetizer. If there are three things I love, it’s cheese, crawfish, and fries. There were maybe 5-6 small pieces of crawfish throughout the entire fries, and for me, they weren’t all that spicy. The cheese sauce was ooey and gooey (so delicious) and the fries were surprisingly not all that soggy. So, they weren’t horrible, just not special. Just your standard cheese fries.

I ordered the Creamy Crawfish Pasta…which, again, was bland. The crawfish was bland, as was the cream sauce. The corn in the pasta was unexpected but added the only source of flavor. The buttered biscuit on the side was the only other saving grace of the dish.There was absolutely no seasoning to the dish – a little bit of salt or hot sauce (hello, we are talking about the staple of Louisiana here) would have helped out significantly.

DJ SnuggleMonster ordered the Jambalaya Pasta and felt the same way – that it was devastatingly under-seasoned. He noted that there was spice, but no flavor. Unfortunately, the prices for these dishes did not correspond for what you received. Almost $18 a dish warrants a meal with much more finesse and flavor – especially when I can pay $5 more and get a 10x better meal.

It seems that every chain restaurant that has attempted to do “cajun” or “New Orleans” cuisine fails miserably. Perhaps it is a food that cannot be captured without the love that is inherit in the culture. I would definitely not go back to Copeland’s, as service was subpar and the food was terrible. While I realize that this post is certainly short, there is not much more to say about this place, other than that you should not eat here either.


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