Yashi Sushi – Quick Fix Sushi

DJ Snugglemonster tells me all the time that I have been spoiled when it comes to sushi. I had Dragonfly Sushi in Gainesville (apparently they have an Orlando/Central Florida branch too) and I had Amura Sushi in Lake Mary/Sanford. Gourmet sushi I guess – where a California roll is disdained to say the least. I was on a mission actually with my roommate to find a decent alternative to Dragonfly in Gainesville, but alas, all I found was sweatshop sushi (and honestly for the same price). So when I moved to Jax, DJSM told me that I probably wouldn’t find anything remotely close to either of those, and to not get my hopes up. So when we were both starving on a weeknight and didn’t want to do burgers or pizza again, I suggested sushi. Yashi Sushi also had a coupon in the local MINT coupon flyer, so why not try it out?

Yashi is located near Tapestry Park/Deer Lake area, so a good local place. The dining room is not very big, about 30 tables crammed into a very small corner restaurant. The sushi bar is adorned with the typical light wood and soft lighting, with glass enclosures for their sought-after fish. I found it humorous that the servers have placed a small step stool to climb to the top of the bar in order to grab the completed sushi – because honestly, it doesn’t appear that they really need it. But ok – little quirks.

Service can be a bit haphazard, as its one of those restaurants where every server assists with each table. So, lots of overlap and lots of assuming that someone’s touched your table recently/taken your order. But nothing was so delayed that I got frustrated. Their sushi menu is QUITE LARGE – but a lot of the specialty sushi rolls can be seen on other menus too – so I’m not sure about the “specialty” of it. They do have nightly sushi specials too though, which are worth a look. Three out of the five caught my eye immediately. They have other things besides sushi, but why would you?

I ordered one of the nightly sushi rolls – the Sawa (the center roll in the photo). DJSM ordered the Nobody’s Home Roll (the furthest away roll in the photo) and we shared the Crystal Roll (the closest roll in the photo). The Sawa Roll was unfortunately blase…to the point that I’m not sure I remember all that was in it. There was some spicy tuna, some cream cheese, and some kind of special sauce on the inside, and wrapped with rice paper (there was an option to wrap it in cucumber, but meh). There wasn’t enough spicy mayo and soy sauce to liven it up unfortunately. And nothing is a surer sign of poorly made sushi than when it falls apart on you before you get it in your mouth. And that happened regularly with the Sawa. The Crystal Roll was not horrible. Had just enough of variety and flavor to keep me coming back for more. The Crystal Roll has both spicy salmon and white tuna, so it’s a good mix. The Nobody’s Home is salmon on top of a California roll, so of course I turned my nose up at it (even with the inclusion of spicy mayo!). It had more flavor than the Sawa but the crunch of the vegetables contained within the Nobody’s Home was a bit offputting (I know to expect crunchy things in sushi sometimes but it just didn’t taste right in this roll).

If you are looking for a quick, easy, no fuss sushi dinner one night, I might suggest Yashi to you. But keep your expectations low – there’s nothing fancy here and nothing to write home about. But it’s still better than that horrible Publix sushi (that should NEVER be consumed by humans), so I won’t judge anyone for eating here. I’ll admit after some recent research, I found Tomo as a restaurant, so I might see what kind of a sushi experience is to be had there (so stay tuned!).

Yashi Sushi rolls - The Nobody's Home, Sawa, and Crystal rolls
Yashi Sushi rolls – The Nobody’s Home, Sawa, and Crystal rolls

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