V is for Victory – V Pizza

I know I have been spouting high praises for Picasso’s Pizza as of late. And it’s still very high in my pizza rankings. But, I’ve eaten at V Pizza twice now…and its been pretty damn amazing too. But these two pizzas are two very different breeds indeed. While Picasso’s is thicker and has that unique sauce, V Pizza attempts to be simplistic and fresh – like rustic traditional Sicilian pizzas are supposed to be.

V Pizza has been around for awhile, but word is that the owners were dissatisfied with the product and revamped everything. They went to Italy, got legit pizza ovens, hired a true Italian pizza man and switched up their recipes. While I didn’t taste the pizza before, I have to admit, they got it right this time. Another great thing going for V Pizza is their partnership in their space. There are two V Pizza locations (one at Beaches and one between San Marco and downtown). Each spot has a bar attached to it. Flask and Cannon is attached to the V Pizza at the Beaches (think Tiki vibes here) and Sidecar is attached to the V Pizza in the downtown-ish area (craft, old-school cocktails). Not sure if both the bar and the pizza spots are owned by the same folk or they just created a masterful partnership, but it works. And why is this such a great idea? Well, the two businesses aren’t just next door – there are connecting doors or pass windows between the two. Want to sit in the darker, cooler Sidecar but you are hangry? Order your pizza (you will have to get up and order – V Piza operates under a wait in line, place your order, and then they bring it to you system instead of traditional sit-down) and stay at the bar – they’ll still bring it to your table in Sidecar. Not feeling the wine and beer options V Pizza offers? While you’re waiting for your pizza, grab a cocktail from Sidecar and bring it back with you to your table in V Pizza. GREAT IDEA. Don’t be alarmed if you walk into V Pizza and it looks busy. It is – but there is plenty of space in the warehouse-feel dining area. And you get to watch the pizza chefs at work by the ovens.

Shall we get to the food? Pizzas here are usually big enough to feed two people (I was STARVING the last time I was in there and just filled me up without stuffing me, and I split it with DJ Snugglemonster). They don’t tell you that on your menu, but if you ask, they’re usually pretty good at explaining it. Pizzas are a bit expensive – around $16 or so on average. The pizzas are thin and wood fired – you get a good stable crust, a bit of charring, and a quick cook time thankfully. We sampled their Piccante and Bolognese pizza last time we were there…and the Piccante was just the right balance of spicy and savory. The sopressata (fancy pepperoni) was clutch though – best pepperoni I’ve had in a long time. The Bolognese was good – but I wouldn’t call it anything more than average. The garlic made this pizza though. The beef meatballs were a bit lacking in flavor unfortunately, and off in proportions to the pizza itself. But, if you have someone who is perhaps a picky eater and wants something more than the traditional Margherita pizza, this could be a good choice. Pictured, and DJ Snugglemonster and my latest choice was their Pizza of the Week – Bacon and Blue. Blue Cheese, Garlic, Pancetta (and usually red onions but I refused). AMAZINGLY delicious. There was the right amount of cheese to satisfy both of us (I’m a cheeseholic and DJSM is notoriously not really a cheesehead) and the pancetta was perfectly crispy. Simple and delicious. DJSM has his eye on getting the Carnivora one next time, because well, he’s a meathead. I’m gunning for that Insalta (a big salad piled high on top of the cooked pizza) or the Paolo (Prosciutto and mushrooms…yum!)

Don’t be shy about NOT ordering a pizza either – V Pizza is pretty infamous for their chicken wings too (they even created a chicken wing pizza).They have a lemon herb version and a spicy version of wings – and they make my mouth water every time I see them come out of the kitchen – and they are obviously ordered just as much as the pizzas with the frequency they pass by my table. You might face some disappointment (as was I) if you wanted garlic rolls or cheese knots or something of the like. They don’t have them on the menu. But they do have bruschetta (toasts with fresh tomatoes, herbs, and cheese topping) if you want a bread-like appetizer. I know I would appreciate some more options for appetizers (I am a glutton and don’t know when to stop eating after all). But I understand if their philosophy is fresher, more traditional ingredients. No, you won’t see any garlic knots in a pizzeria in the old country. However, I’m sure they could find a recipe that fit their ideals and our American needs for more carbs (and cheese please if possible…I know no cheese limits!).

Two locations, two great bars, a great drink-food combination, and authentic pizza/wings in a relaxed atmosphere. If you’re in the neighborhood (or patch of beach), definitely drop in and get some good pies. It’ll be hard to top V Pizza in my quest for the perfect pie.

The Bacon and Blue Pizza of the Week at V Pizza
The Bacon and Blue Pizza of the Week at V Pizza
A slice of that good good - Bacon and Blue Pizza at V Pizza
A slice of that good good – Bacon and Blue Pizza at V Pizza
The Paolo Pizza - Proscuitto and Mushrooms!
The Paolo Pizza – Proscuitto and Mushrooms!
The Carnivora - All the meats!
The Carnivora – All the meats!

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