Hangover Haven – Angie’s Grom

I love bad (for you) food. And I love Beaches. Beaches (or Beaches adjacent) has some of my favorite restaurants  – Marker 32, Taco Lu’s, hopefully Gumbo YaYas…plus Beaches just has a different kind of feel. Relaxed, no fuss, no high heels. The credit for this one – Angie’s Grom – however, is due to Sam, DJ Snuggle Monster’s good friend. And you should come into Grom with no expectations – because they’ll quickly be done away with. If you’ve heard of Angie’s Subs, this is owned by the same people and is sort of a second location, just with a different menu and apparently a different vibe (however, rumor has it that whatever is on one restaurant’s menu, they’ll do at the other).

For starters, when you walk in, you walk into what feels like a friendly redneck/surfer dude hunting cabin. There are posters and weird objects on the walls, in between skulls/horns/antlers/taxidermy. Not to mention that there is always a game on one of the televisions, TruTv’s World’s Dumbest was playing on another (yes, I love that show!), and a cartoon was playing on a small 6 inch tv in the corner. There are roughly about 10 tables, and no, none of the tables or chairs match. All of the napkin dispensers have sayings printed on computer paper and cut to size in them. The owner – who I am assuming is Grom? – floats around the restaurant, making sure everyone has what they need, enjoys themselves, or in our case – handing us each of the menus based on our questioning looks. His dog is usually also at the restaurant – in his own thrown, replete with name sign, at the front door. Also by the front door are the specials, hand written on chalkboards.

You can do brunch or lunch – separate menus. The brunch menu looked pretty standard – bagel/egg sandwiches, etc. But on the lunch menu, the menu is a little more varied – you can get “Gromwiches,” sliders, or burritos. Gromwiches are like subs, complete with mayo and their housemade coleslaw and cheese. Then you got the typical sliders – with any combination you can think of. And the burritos – which are HUGE – and come wet or dry (you know, “wet” like Tijuana Flats fame”). I HATE lunch meat. Something about the slimy, watery, tastelessness of lunch meat was always a turn off to me. So, Sam and DJ Snuggle Monster had to convince me to come to a sub place. They convinced me by saying it’s all roasted meat on the premises, not roasted, laden with preservatives, packed in water and plastic, shipped, and set out to waste away in a glass case. So, ok, I’ll check it out. And you can tell the meat is fresh and cut thick.

I ordered the New Coach – which is definitely an interesting combination: Roast Beef, Smoked Turkey, Bacon, Spicy Ranch, Mushrooms, and BBQ Fritos. Yep, BBQ Fritos. Hello – this is why I said hangover haven. And according to Sam – you can order it “Extra Crispy” and get extra Fritos. That’s the great thing about Grom’s too – you can customize however you want it – and they WON’T GIVE YOU GRIEF OVER IT. I hate when I go to a restaurant and they look pained when I ask for something without a certain ingredient or ask for extra of something (even if I get that these things have been selected to pair together for my pleasure). We’re human – we like what we like and hate what we hate. So, they’ll customize anything. Even their menu says something along the lines that if you don’t see it written on the menu – just ask and they’ll do it for you if they’ve got it. But trust me when I say they’re crazy combinations have an odd way of working – you don’t know if it makes sense, even when it’s in your mouth – but you’ll walk out of the restaurant feeling like you did well for yourself regardless. The best part of the sandwich is the bread though – both soft and crunchy, with a bit of butter added in for flavor when toasting. And definitely holds up to the stuffing (unlike The French Pantry, as much as I love The French Pantry).

I got fries as my side – but they were just so-so…good crisp, but lacking in any punch/flavor. Apparently their chips and salsa are out of this world (and the salsa did look like fresh pico de gallo, so I’m convinced on appearance alone) and the yellow rice and beans and loaded potatoes are pretty special too according to those in the know. Get the sweet tea if you go (and you are a Southerner, because then it’s obviously required to keep your Southerner Card). It’s in the large vats at the front and constantly refilled. Just sweet enough (without shattering your teeth), but even better once your ice melts a bit. Right on par with McDonald’s sweet tea (yeah I said it – they figured out the secret somehow). On the table you’ll find the Peruvian Sauce (a milder sweet version and a spicy version). Not sure what is in the “secret sauce,” but heck, add it to your fries or your sandwich for extra “zing.” I know I should be able to explain it better, but the best I can do is tangy, sweet, and sour at the same time. Just try it and tell me if you like it.

One word of warning: if you don’t have an ironclad stomach (or in the need to soak up some leftover booze), perhaps get something a bit lighter or forego Grom entirely. I had a pre-sickness pansy of a stomach when I went and felt a bit off for the rest of the day (although my taste buds were happy). But heck, when you’re putting BBQ Fritos in your sandwiches, what do you expect, man?!

The waitstaff is friendly – and the owner is beyond friendly. I saw two orders sent back, but that seems to be a rarity there just the same. I’d definitely go again if I was super tired or hungover and wanted to pig out in sweatpants and flip flops where the chance of running into anyone I know is amazingly slim.

The New Coach sandwich at Angie's Grom
The New Coach sandwich at Angie’s Grom

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